We are creative art group of philosopher, thinkers and creators. 

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All artworks of 99AVANT are produced by our exclusive artist.  
Ninety nine limited editions are produced just for 99AVANT collectors
with the most sensible language,

Space Consultant / Curator

We add philosophy of luxury to noble place of refined discernment. Meet our professional curatorial space consulting system of 99AVANT. It will draw more colorful scenes in your space. If you have any inquiries about places that require a hint of liveliness, we will give you an immediate suggestion for your space. We will place the best color for your space that blends collector's sensibility with 99AVANT. We hope that all the process of purchasing and receiving the artwork will be a precious experience for the collector,

Art Directing / Copywriting

99AVANT aims to produce more meaningful design and language to support the position that art has on this world. In order to provide a real experience of aesthetics to those who are craving for new media, 99AVANT presents a wide range of design works. To build an emotional intelligence, we always develop for better design and copywriting. 


There are infinite possibilities within our cohesive hands .  99AVANT is committed to collaborate for the highest value, We aim for creating beyond artistic meaning by collaborating with you.  99AVANT's new series of limited edition was created using the symbol of Glenmorangie as a giraffe, was first released at the launch site of Oak Sunglasses by Finlay & Co and Glenmorangie.