Brand Philosophy

99AVANT is a creative art brand.

99AVANT was found by our hope that art would change the world through a transition of previous art paradigm.  We have always dreamt about the world where more people can enjoy and recognize the true meaning of art.

'99' of 99AVANT means perpetuity, which represents the value of artwork that will last forever, at the same time it signifies the characteristic of producing 99 limited edition for each artwork.
'AVANT', which abbreviated from avant-garde in French, reveals our commitment to deny existing static markets and pave the way for new art trends.

99AVANT's artworks are limited productions. Only 99 pieces are made for each artwork as limited editions. All limited editions from 01 to 99 have unique numbers thus have genuine value as original works. On the back of each artwork, the artist's signature and the unique 8-digit AVA Code are imprinted, preventing from unauthorized reproduction of the artwork as well as protecting the original value.  99AVANT operates own auction based on the sales volume according to solid investment system. The auction runs once a certain artwork has been sold 20% out of the 99 pieces. Through this process, collectors will find full satisfaction from purchasing the artwork and the acknowledgment of the collector's refined discernment.