Winter and

Winter and


DIGITAL PRINTING │ AVA996058│ SIZE : 755*755*22mm

[Winter and] is a monochromatic art piece that adds a lyrical sense to the viewer’s state of mind.

Unlike the other vivid print works, this piece is limiting the use of colors and objects. Despite the piece is printed on a digital medium, the artist wisely applied features of Asian painting as if it was colored with Indian ink. In the middle of the painting, there is a foggy light in a tranquil space of warm gray that widely arranged. The light can be interpreted differently on viewers senses. It can be illustrated as a bright sunlight and moonlight that warmly embraces the world, or as a first and last snow that delightfully greets the viewer. Therefore the artist is allowing the viewer to arrange their own sensuous interpretation.

In the lower part of the painting, a fog evokes curiosity about whether there should be a land or a waterside. The characteristics of the objects'(a zebra and a leafless tree) would be trouble living in this such environment; on the other hand, the objects can also be positively interpreted because it illustrates they finally run across each other in such peculiar place.

Thus all objects in this painting are pictorial devices to suggest various sensuous evocation.

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